Get the most from our quality coffee beans with training from our experienced staff.  

We can provide guidance on-site or at our facility and additional back-up is only a phone call away.

Some tips for great coffee:

  • Buy small amounts of coffee frequently so you are always assured of its freshness.
  • Buy your coffee ground by us (our grinder is always sharp) unless you have a good quality grinder and regularly sharpen or replace the blades
  • Once a pack of coffee is opened it should be kept in an airtight container. Store the container in a dark cupboard, fridge or freezer depending on the time it may take to consume
  • If the coffee is stored in the fridge or freezer allow it to come to room temperature before brewing

Other helpful information

  • Coffee made with milk-The fat in milk masks the flavour of coffee.
    If you enjoy drinking Cappuccino/Latte/Flat White, you may require a stronger coffee to appreciate the coffee flavour.
  • Single Origin Coffees
    Tend to be more delicate than blended coffees
  • Lightly Roasted Coffees
    Tend to be more acidic than darkly roasted coffees
  • Flavour versus Strength
    Flavour is the taste on your tongue Strength is the amount of coffee used and may enhance the flavour