COFFEE PODS - ESE Rice Paper Pods

Supreme – 7g, 10g, 14g, 20g

Roast: Medium 
Body: Medium/Full
Flavour: Rich/Rounded/Smooth

CBRH’s “Signature Blend and Best Seller” is Multi Award Winning and is designed to produce a rich smooth coffee flavour through careful blending and roasted to a medium to dark colour. This draws out the rich flavours of the beans and produces a sparkling caramel coloured crema and a lasting gentle coffee taste.


Enjoy as an Espresso, Cappuccino or Caffé latte, as a morning starter, a relaxing afternoon coffee break with friends or to get you through the afternoon. Excellent all-rounder.

*Note, 7 grams standard shot per 180 ml – 240ml cup

Decaf – 7g, 10g, 14g, 20g

Roast: Medium/Dark
Body: Medium/Full
Flavour: Full/Rich/Chocolaty

One of the finest most balanced coffees in the world. CBRH Columbian Supremo Decaf beans have been decaffeinated using the all natural and environmentally friendly Swiss water method maintaining a rich, full flavoured decaf with a chocolaty finish.